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Long time no post! Work has been cray lately and so has my social life- in a good way! Gotta love holiday season. So, first off, recipe time. It’s another doozy, so get those pencils sharpened. (kidding… it’s super easy)

Crock Pot Ribs

I love ribs- I mean who doesn’t? But I hate all the sugary BBQ sauce and sugary rub that goes along with making them. So I have devised a delicious rub and copied a delicious BBQ sauce that is all paleo, all the time. First things first.

Rack of ribs.
Rub: paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, celery seed, chili powder, ground mustard, oregano, and salt & pep.

Set that crock pot to low. Cut the rack in half if you have a smaller crockpot (like me). Mix a bunch of the rub ingredients together. No measurements, just make your own concoction! Rub ‘em all over. Rub ‘em in nice and good. Place ribs in crockpot. Walk away for a few hours. Depending on the cook quality of your crockpot, they should take 3-5 hours. Just keep an eye on them; when the meat is falling off the bone, they’re good to go.

Now, I am perfectly happy with devouring these just the way they are. BUT I appreciate those of you that are condiment lovers or just possibly can’t imagine consuming ribs without BBQ sauce. Here is my favorite paleo BBQ sauce recipe so far (it’s called Beastly BBQ Sauce, I mean, c’mon)

And a short rant for today…
So I came across this article this morning on CNN. Could it be? A soda that can combat obesity as we know it? “Hey Bob, want to go to the gym today?” “Nah, Charlie, I already drank three Pepsi Specials… I’m good to go”

No. People will believe everything and the Japanese have really outdone themselves this time. To summarize the article, this pop has a chemical, err… supplement called “dextrin” that is a dietary fiber that absorbs water as it moves through the intestines. So they are claiming that by adding this to soda, drinkers can lose fat. This claim is based on a 2006 study (also done in Japan) that concluded that rats that were given dextrin with their food absorbed less fat than their non-dextrin eating buddies.

pepsi-specialAccording to the article, dextrin hasn’t been tested on humans to the extent of these poor rats and in fact gives humans side effects such as stomach pain and gas, but alas, no long-term effects on humans have been studied or documented.

What an incredibly deceptive and ludicrous claim that a pop could help you lose fat. There are even already lawsuits that have been filed for misleading claims about nutritional benefits of soft drinks in the US.

A spokesperson from the NY State Dietetic Association said it perfectly: “Adding a fiber to a drink made from caffeine, caramel coloring, phosphoric acid, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup doesn’t make it healthy. If people think they’re going to lose weight by drinking a beverage like this, then they are more likely to drink more soda and therefore consume even more calories.”

Exactly my point. WHY are companies so quick to promote these deceptive, gimmicky marketing tactics instead of just promoting a product that is actually good for you? Eat your vegetables! They are healthier and probably will give you more fiber than guzzling creepy chemical Pepsi’s all day. I pray that this product doesn’t make its way to America. One would like to hope the FDA would not allow it, but we all know the FDA can’t be trusted to ban things that are bad for us. Ugh.


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