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questpageThere are lots of bones to be picked out there in the world of protein bars. SO MANY of them are full of CRAP and weird chemicals and dozens of ingredients. I currently have a bone to pick with Quest Nutrition. The timing is funny because the other day our sales director came into the office and asked my opinion on it… (my co-workers know by now about my eating habits) and all it took was a look at the ingredients list for me to lump it into the same category as all those other garbage protein bars.

THEN I go onto Facebook and see it there, too! Here’s a screen grab from a Quest advertisement from my Facebook page. questAccording to their marketing, if I eat Quest protein bars, they provide me with #nojunk and the ultimate ability to #cheatclean. ALONG WITH being gluten free, with no sugar added and having a whopping 20g of protein! WHAAAAA? That sounds AWESOME! I’d love to be able to down a cookies and cream bar every morning and know I’m eating a quality, clean option! Sign me up! In the words of Quest, “your food should love you back!” Damn right it should! Three cheers for Quest!

But if you actually LOOK at the ingredients list, here’s what you see: ARTIFICIAL SUGAR. MAN-MADE FIBER. PROCESSED PROTEIN. Here’s a glimpse at the ingredients list on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar:


They even had a lawsuit slapped on them for misrepresenting the amount of fiber in their bars last year. Whether it’s accurate or not is beside the point – what’s funny is that it turns out it’s difficult to test accurately using conventional testing methods because IMO’s (the fake fiber these bars have) are different than regular, natural fiber. Way too much science for me to follow, but there are papers on the topic written by people way smarter than me.

Regardless, there is a bottom line to all this. It’s not that hard. JUST EAT REAL FOOD.


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So I found this little ditty the other day, brought to you by the Credit Suisse Research Institute. No new earth-shatteringly-unbelievable information, but a quick reminder as well as a saddening reminder of how bad the state of obesity and obesity-related health care costs are in the US.

A few tidbits:Sugar

– Close to four hundred million people worldwide are affected by type 2 diabetes, and 4.8 million die from it each year. The number of people affected could be close to 500 million by 2020. This equals HIGH health care costs (470 billion US $), among other things.

– The world’s daily average sugar consumption per person is 17 teaspoons. This is up 45% compared to 30 years ago! (For reference, the AHA recommends 6 tsp for women and 9 for men).

– US is ranked #1 in sugar consumption and caloric sweetener intake (go USA!). Our average per person consumption? 40 TEASPOONS A DAY. To top it off we rank #1 in the world for the highest rate of adult obesity.

– 43% of added sugars come from sweetened beverages (1 can soda = 8 tsp of sugar)

Taking a cue from the tobacco industry, Credit Suisse (as well as I) think that taxation may help with the rise in sugar consumption. It can’t hurt and would at least contribute to the growing health care costs of the nation!

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