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So I found this little ditty the other day, brought to you by the Credit Suisse Research Institute. No new earth-shatteringly-unbelievable information, but a quick reminder as well as a saddening reminder of how bad the state of obesity and obesity-related health care costs are in the US.

A few tidbits:Sugar

– Close to four hundred million people worldwide are affected by type 2 diabetes, and 4.8 million die from it each year. The number of people affected could be close to 500 million by 2020. This equals HIGH health care costs (470 billion US $), among other things.

– The world’s daily average sugar consumption per person is 17 teaspoons. This is up 45% compared to 30 years ago! (For reference, the AHA recommends 6 tsp for women and 9 for men).

– US is ranked #1 in sugar consumption and caloric sweetener intake (go USA!). Our average per person consumption? 40 TEASPOONS A DAY. To top it off we rank #1 in the world for the highest rate of adult obesity.

– 43% of added sugars come from sweetened beverages (1 can soda = 8 tsp of sugar)

Taking a cue from the tobacco industry, Credit Suisse (as well as I) think that taxation may help with the rise in sugar consumption. It can’t hurt and would at least contribute to the growing health care costs of the nation!


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